Company Business Card

The key company activity is the accounting setting under international standards (GAAP, IAS). The unique technology used by the company allows us to keep the parallel accounts under both the Russian (RAS) and the international standards as well as to render the stated financial reports in the Russian tax inspectorate and in the foreign corporation headquarters.

The company experts have wide consultation experience in foreign corporation businesses. The comprehensive knowledge of the Russian market's distinctive features and of the Russian changeable legislation allows the company to support its businesses in the Russian Federation on a high level. The fruitful co-operation with foreign companies in an economic-legal field has naturally expanded the company activity in an adjacent direction – marketing consultation of the foreign corporations promoting the products under their brands on the Russian market. Unfortunately, there is frequently the situation when the well-working slogans on the English-speaking audience slip on the Russian that. The company provides support to the worldwide brand promotion in the sphere of brand localization, especially in the area of the psychological aversion prevention of slogans, having negative semantic meaning because of calque translation into Russian.